Reimagined & Redesigned: Change Comes to Goldfinch

Notice something different? The Patio on Goldfinch recently underwent minor renovations to create a warm and inviting new dining area. The space, which most noticeably housed our large wooden bar table, was re-imagined with the hopes of creating a more intimate dining experience for guests. Construction within the restaurant lasted only days, but the transformation is already leaving a lasting impact.

The premium seating section is more private, fosters better interactions around the table, but enjoys the vibrant atmosphere of the bar. And, not to be overlooked, this new area features sight lines to the bar televisions–just in case you can’t miss the big game. Goldfinch has also added extra bar seating along the outside of the renovated section. Designed by The Playground Agency, the area maintains the elevated, yet casual dining experience Goldfinch customers have come to love. The new booth-style seating is perfect not only for date nights, but small lunch meetings and intimate group dinners, as well.

We invite you to come check out our new remodeled dining area for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. To make your reservation, call 619-501-5090 or visit

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